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As stated previously on our home page, we do not charge for the first set of consultations. It is more of an introductory process to get to know your situation, discuss our services in more detail, identify areas we feel we could add value and figure out whether or not it would be a good partnership.

We wish everyone the opportunity to work with an advisor because of profound results it can have on your family’s overall financial health in the long run. There will however be instances where our process and investment philosophies do not align with the prospect’s. An advisor client relationship works best when the client and advisor’s communication is open and there is confidence in the advice, investments and process. If you therefore require a slightly different approach it may be appropriate, and worthwhile to seek another firm. Not to say this happens very often, but is a major reason for the first several consultations being complimentary.

If you do feel we can help you with anything related to the services described on our website please contact any one member of our team and we will be glad to set up an appointment for you to meet one of us. We can be contacted by way of email or phone which can be found in the contact us section of the site. We are always open to a conversation and would love to hear from you.


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